Possible bug with how many db tables Wappler connection can see

Wappler Version :2.2.0
Operating System :Windows 10

Expected behavior

Added two more tables on the database. Since I reconnected (resaved database file so Wappler updates the db structure) , I should be able to access those two tables within Wappler, for CRUD actions

Actual behavior

What actually happens?
For some reason, Wappler can not see those two tables.

How to reproduce

Create a databse with 27 tables. Check if Wappler can access all tables. Add two more tables. Update Wappler database connection file, and verify that Wappler can access the latest two new database tables added

Thank you!

Hi Niko,
You should be able to see your new tables by just clicking this button:

I just tested with my database which contains about 90 tables and it works just fine.

Will give it a try again @Teodor, probably it is my laptop’s issue cause all of these years of using DMX and Wappler is the first time I encounter something like this. Just thought it may be a small bug due to the non-stopping updates you provide :boom:

Thank you!

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Please let me know if you can recreate the issue :slight_smile:

No, tables still missing. Checking the db again. Will be back. Thank you

No…created anotther table and still can not view it. I know what it is. It is that thing called you and your computer on a tight deadline. They always do this stuff.

Are these views or tables you are not seeing?
What is your database type? Is the right target selected?

MySql db
Tables not Views.
Regarding target I am targeting remote and trying to update localhost…thank you Teodor another Alpha for u

Haha, so is it working now?

thank you!!!

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