Populate Upload File


How to can I populate dynamicaly Upload File when the page shows ?
The file name is on the database and I have a serverconnect query


What is the reasoning you need to populate a file field? Generally you can’t do that as the value needs to be tied to a physical file on your computer. If you populated it, then when you submit the form it would look for that file and not be able to find it.


That’s not possible because browsers don’t allow it for security reasons.
You can just list your files under the upload input, inside a repeat region.


the reasoning is when I update the page with update server action, if Upload File doesn’t populate, the server action updates the blank record in database !


Well just use the condition option in the update step in server connect, to check if the upload field has a value :slight_smile:


ok, I thought about this, but I can’t do it. can you show me?



Yes, just select the upload input value there as an expression.


can you show me visually with a screenshot? it is important for me ! Thank you