POLL: What are your Wappler Top 5 Best Features?

I really want to hear from you what do you think are Wappler’s best features?

So this is not really a poll, but just reply with your Top 5

Describe each one with short title and a single line of description.

So heads up to our @wappler_ambassadors to go first :slight_smile:

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The way the live design panel works
This is a true live design panel, my slideshow images show their set animations, my hidden elements are hidden, and i can see each device viewport size, all this while remaining selectable, so you can highlight the desired element and view / edit it’s properties.

The preview and Open in Browser button
Being able to preview the end result directly in Wappler, and making each element work just as though you were really in the web browser is a real time saver, as well as the ability to act as though you are in preview mode even when it is not active by holding the [cmd] key.

The Application layout
I like the way Server Connect commands are all to the left while all App Connect client side components are to the right, to clearly separate the two distinct functions.

The restrictions on adding components
It is difficult to always know if I can add a container to a row or a column, or place text in a section element, while having these restrictive component selectors helps keep my markup a little more valid than it probably would be.

Ability to access Server Connect from App Connect and add attributes
I do not know where I would be without the data formatters in both Server Connect as well as App Connect, with the way they can be manipulated, and stacked onto each other is brilliant.


My Favorite 5 Features of Wappler

Adding Elements to the Page

The way you can add elements to a page through the plus symbols is really easy and fast to use. I don't have to use panels to the side of the browser window, and can keep my focus where it needs to be: On the content.

The Properties Panel

For most things, I can design the page using the Properties Panel. This is very quick and easy to use, and it updates accordingly to what type of element I am using. This is great because I don't have to scroll past trillions of options that don't apply currently.

Design Options

I'm a big fan of there being a Properties Panel, Design Panel and CSS Panel. This gives three entirely different ways of approaching the design in Wappler. It also streamlines the process by keeping these three different types of workflows away from each other so their respective interfaces are as simple as they need to be.

Simplicity in CRUD

I imagine that the majority of dynamic websites are just CRUD applications in one form or another. Wappler's Server Connect and App Connect allows very efficient and powerful ways to create a CRUD app that is much quicker than anything I've used in the past.


This is a two part answer: 1. The fact that Wappler is made for future growth and updates is a great aspect of the program. Particularly since those future additions will be driven by a wide breadth of user input. 2. Extensibility from the perspective of the developer or designer. As the project they are working on becomes much larger or complicated over time, Wappler has the tools and technologies needed to make that happen. This is great in the sense that a project won't have to be ported over to another development platform and can be inside Wappler from the metamorphis of a single page website to a full dynamic website.

Simple UI
Simple uncluttered UI. The UI is logical and easy to use once you know where things are.

Just imagining all the things that can be built with Appler out of the box with all the extensions built into it. Very little cause to open Dreamweaver for new sites any more.

When I add up the cost of all the included extensions in the Pro version (as I was one that had to buy all the extensions for Dreamweaver) the amount of savings with the low yearly cost is very much appreciated!

Active Community
I think having this active community is a big asset to Wappler. It usually doesn’t take long for answers to be provided by the active user base and/or Wappler Team.

Rate of Development
Updates every week? Unheard of! It’s like Christmas every week when we get to open our presents and see what Wappler Claus has given us.


The Community
In my mind the community (and i include the team in that) have to come first, why?? Because the team and members put each other first. I have never been privileged to work so closely with the developers of a product and have so many willing people around me to assist with questions in an understanding and non judgemental way.

Server Connect
As a server side developer (primarily) database connections are what it is all about for me. The simplicity and efficiency of server connect make my life so much easier.

Bootstrap integration and the generator
Most basic CUD systems can be put together in next to no time by the use of bootstrap forms and tables populated by server connect. As this is the basis for virtually everything i do it saves time beyond belief.

Ability to make thinks look cleverer than they are!
Code impresses coders, wizzy animations, maps and charts impress customers. Wappler makes it so easy to add this type of glitz to a page and and wow factor.

Enforced Discipline
It is too easy to churn out spaghetti code when hand coding which is a nightmare to debug later. Wappler enforces structure making it easier to debug while bootstrap keeps the interface clean and tidy


In an effort to supply Wappler’s top 5 best features, I can only come up with one valid reason, namely time saving. To me, this is the most important reason why I have chosen Wappler as a tool for my website development. Because of this I have not only been able to cut the cost of producing a website for my clients, it also enables me to produce a website in record time.

To sum up some of the components that allow this efficiency:

This is probably the most prominent feature of Wappler. Starting Wappler takes a mere couple of seconds while the interface works seamlessly. Although the speed of the program is important, the point and click features allow the production of code without having to physically type each instruction. This in itself is a huge time saver.

Being able to connect to and querying the database and perform database operations without having to code has lightened the burden of my CRUD development. Coding typos are a thing of the past and saves me having to go through a rigerous testing program. The really good part is that the finished product is superfast giving the end user a great experience.

The combination of App Connect and Bootstrap makes life a breeze. Interaction with the backend is superfast while the eye candy is achieved using Bootstrap. How great is it when a user can fill out a modal form, the information is validated both on the client and the server, the information is stored in the database, the form is reset, the modal is closed, and a message shows for a few seconds regarding the success or failure of their input. All this functinality created in mere minutes.

This is ‘sick’. Icons that tell me that tell me that there are no JavaScript or connection errors, a terminal that tells me what is going on in the background, debug commands and a setting to be able to debug the page using the browser F12 command. Even 500 errors are explained. Problem is that I cannot elaborate on some of these features because I hardly get a problem that needs debugging. Another time saver.

What FTP? I hardly notice the interaction between my local and the remote systems. So much so that I now do my devopment directly on the remote. This is another timesaver. When I click the ‘Open in Browser’ button while working on the remote, it opens the remote page instantaneously.

The above is a mere bird’s eye view of some of the features.There are many more features that should be added such as code editor options, CSS autoprefixer, superfast search functions, Design panel, Styles panel and the DOM panel not to mention the functionality contained within Design view. With regard to the latter, most of the time I do not bother opening the document in a browser because all of the functionality is contained in Design view. This comes from someone that, in the past, worked exclusively in Code view.

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Thank you for sharing @ben, @Hyperbytes, @brad and @drymetal! Great hit lists!

Others from the @wappler_ambassadors also want to share their top 5?

Alright, I am not certain this will add a lot but it seems to be my turn. Just been too busy fixing things to get to the play toys. This school year some semi-important component or piece of equipment has broken at least every other day. Ugh!

so the Best Features of Wappler –


I see the complete integration of basic web page design, Server Connect, App Connect, the ability to add Bootstrap or Framework 7, all with relative ease, usually just a couple of clicks and maybe a piece of text or two, make this a wonderful tool for everyone.

In fact, I am not so certain but that is the feature regardless of how you count – button / icon pushes, a word here, a couple of words there and you are done.

CSS – Design View

I find the ability to make simple, easy CSS changes to the Bootstrap framework and to view the Design changes the best feature probably. Notwithstanding the database features, the one common feature all web pages share is the “look” and regardless of how good or bad we are at creating the “look,” Wappler makes it easy both the mechanics and the view of the product, be it final or some step in-between. Obviously, other products provide something similar but that would then bring me back to the integration. Very few products go from first line to last line, with all of the integration in-between as does Wappler.

Server Connection

When I was first starting out incorporating material from databases onto web pages, the world used (I imagine) PHP 4.x or earlier, but my shop was a Microsoft store so we were into ASP. Attempting to figure out how and why the steps of pulling a simple piece of data from the database onto the web page was one of the hardest things I have encountered doing web work. At the end of the day, even with some help from Dreamweaver, I got the task completed, but I envy today’s designer / developers just starting out.

They can grab Wappler, follow the tutorial for Server Connect and they are done. What an easy solution! I know there is more work as we get more complex, but Wappler makes is so much easier than the early days in Netscape or Dreamweaver and Ultra Dev.

The Community

Brian mentioned this, but I think the community, not just Ambassadors, but the entire community is one of the shining stars of Wappler. There are tons of communities around. A lot of people want to contribute thoughts and comments, but I suspect you find, as I do, that
in many of these groups, the comments are just that – a stray thought, a passing ugh, an unrelated rank.

I have not seen those here. The entire group, from those who contribute frequently, to those who contribute occasionally, to the ones asking the questions, all are polite and desire to help. This is true even when it is clear the question is wrong, off base and unrelated to the product. People try to help regardless.

What a blessing.

So, I need one more –

The Wappler Team

At the end of the day, George, Teodor, and the rest of the Team are Wappler. They write the code, they make the basic decisions. Yet, they do their best to simply be part of the community, to listen to the rest of us, to spend as much, if not more, time answering the silly questions. They have created an amazing product but by staying close to the community they are willing to continually modify, amend, and add features to the app based upon our input.

Yes, every business says they do this, but you know as well as I do, how that works. Wappler’s Team is unique.

There, then, are my 5 Best. Take them for what they are worth – my opinion.


I would love to tell you how much I love wappler and I do not speak English fluently, so that would be sad,

I just want to thank you for developing an amazing tool and especially listening to us to make it perfect.

I can not list 5 things because I love everything you have in wappler

my highlight goes to integration with html this makes vue js and angular js, be child’s toys.

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