POLL:Wappler hosting - Setup of WapplerHosting.com (or similar) providing hosting for Wappler Users

A recent conversation about issues regarding different hosting services and database issues led to the suggestion of a service on the lines of WapplerHosting.com where a “proven to be suitable” hosting platform could be offered to Wappler users.
If members liked the idea i would be interested in offering such a platform based on my current re-seller platform.

If i was to do this it would be based on:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Autoscaling Cloud Servers
  • Windows or Linux platform
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited 1024MB MySql Databases
  • 10GB mailboxes
  • Helpdesk support
  • and lots of other extras

Overall cost in the region of £35 ($45, 40 euros) per year dependent on the domain requested (yes that’s pretty much cost price)

If people are interested i will ask a few ambassadors to try out the service and see what they think and report back HONESTLY and if appropriate i would go ahead. If they felt it was not suitable then i would abandon the idea

So here is a poll on the subject

  • I would not be interested at all
  • I would consider it if feedback was good
  • I may consider it for occasional projects but not as my main provider
  • I think it’s great idea
  • WOW, can i have some now

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I would try it out for certain clients, especially my UK ones, however if I am super honest I have 3 of my own servers that I already own in various data centres, I have root access to these and WHM/cPanel so I can pretty much change whatever I like as I go.

I think your biggest market for this type of thing is going to be the newer users / designers etc. as I would imagine many of the DMXZone client base is probably already running similar to myself.
I got tired of the restrictions, the server updates without my knowledge, the php version switch overs etc. a few years back and rather just purchased my first dedicated unmanaged server and never looked back, however this is great for my local client base, I would rather run my UK clients locally in the UK.

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I think it is a great idea, but not in my case.

I have a second cousin who is the Principal of a hosting company. As such, he ensures that all of my needs are met. I do not have the headache of having my own servers, yet have the benefit of personal inputs.

I wouldn’t be interested personally (I also have a reseller account), but was reluctant to choose option 1 as it sounds negative. I think it’s a good idea and for people who need help getting started it could be quite a bonus to have someone who understands Wappler so well in the background.

Having said that, I have some concern that it might give people the impression that there is something proprietary or non-standard about the way Wappler works and that they might need special Wappler hosting.

As far as I know, Wappler doesn’t have any special requirements beyond what a typical hosting package offers as standard (MySQL, PHP etc.).

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Absolutely, there are a few people reporting issues regarding MySql connections but in the main George and his team have resolved them and as you say pretty much any host will do.
As i said, it wasn’t my idea, it came from @Dave and i am getting the impression it is probably not that popular an idea, just thought i would float it past people.

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Let me know when it is available.

After feedback i decided that it was not a popular option to offer hosting to fellow wappler users in this way and did not proceed however if you are interested i could probably assist anyway

Hi Brian,

Thanks for responding. I’m am just considering Wappler for a startup I am consulting with and thought it might be a good place for them to start working as a team. Then I saw your post and thought I’d check out what you intended. I always like my host to know what they are dealing with.

I’ll get back with you if we get something put together.