POLL: Sharing Wappler Showcases/Projects in Community

We are thinking to add an Export Project option in Wappler, which exports the selected project in a custom Wappler archive file as requested here. When double clicked in explorer/finder it automatically imports the project in Wappler.

This option can be really useful for you to share some starter pages or demos with the users in Wappler community. So you just upload your custom page/project here and the rest of the users can download it, run it and explore/customize it.

We have a question for you. How do you prefer to share such demos/snippets/projects with others?

  • Export the whole project and share the archive in the community
  • Share custom code snippets in community

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I discovered a quick tip when looking at the API image search showcase at (https://showcase.wappler.io/APIMasonry/). I found that by copying the browser code into wappler and then adding my own api connection, I was able to get the page working and saw how it was put together.

Yes, that has always been a good option :slight_smile:
However many of the users do not know what and how to copy exactly :slight_smile: There are also lots of people who are not aware of the browser dev tools - so it’s hard for them to do this.

@Teodor thats an amazing idea and we would have then smth similar like a wappler marketplace!

EDIT: Perhaps it would make sense to have kinda Tab Menu on right side which could show two tabs with:
- Feature Request (shows ranked feature request)
- Snippet Library (User Moderated with :star::star::star: Rating and comments loaded from forum concerning that actual snippet. Maybe better to use already built in forum features and show a summary of hearts, likes :heart::heart::heart:)

This is a great solution. No matter if sharing just portions (Snippets) or the whole project. For sure it is interesting the approach that different people can have with different problems or the same problem.

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Both! Haha :smile:


I appreciate it’s a mixture of a request and and a comment on this topic, but if one of the suggestions is to be able to share snippets, then of course it would be useful to have a facility to store snippets in Wappler. I know this has been requested before, but it has a bearing on this poll and possibly on how people might vote. Eg if we had a good facility for storing and using snippets, then snippets might be preferred over sharing whole demos.

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please don’t make it project wide import. i have dealt with a system that have this feature and its a pain when i have to import a whole project to extract what i need from it then import the needed feature only.
must of us will have a project and they need to “plug-in” individual features and code snippets.