POLL: How are you handling your custom CSS styles file

As we would like to be able to do more CSS file changes automatically in Wappler, we need to know where is your main CSS file.

Note this is about your custom CSS files - not the frameworks default CSS files.

So it about your own additional custom CSS rules and styling. How do you have it organized?

  • One main custom CSS file included in all pages
  • One main custom CSS file but also additional CSS files per page
  • Special custom CSS file unique to each page

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I think that my answer needs explaining. I use the Bootstrap source files. My custom style rules are included in the compiled version and saved where Wappler wants it, namely bootstrap/4/css/bootstrap.min.css


@ben is there a specific reason of not leaving bootstrap as is and just add an extra for example /css/style.css global css file that you are editing with your custom styles?

I am in a similar situation to @ben also using a compiled version.

@George, you will possibly hate my reason why, but as usual, speed, number of server requests, time saving and all for SEO purposes.

The same thing applies to all my .js files too, I land up saving about 2 seconds over a standard 3G connection and about 30 server requests are reduced to 2.

Hope this helps.


My reasons are the same as Paul’s (@psweb), I would love to finish up with one link to a master stylesheet and one link to a master scripts file.

My thoughts still go out to having a development environment and a production environment. The development environment would contain all the different links to support files, the production environment would have, and here goes, minified HTML documents each including a link to minified CSS and a link to minified JS.

A quick search leads me to this document http://guides.beanstalkapp.com/deployments/best-practices.html which sort of outlines what my thoughts are.


On a normal base I use Sass and I use gulp to compile it into a single minified file.