POLL: Are you using the Tag Navigator?

As we are optimizing our Wappler UI for the best experience, we would like to know if you are still using the Tag Navigator now that we also have the DOM Tree for optimal selections:

  • Yes, I use it all the time
  • No, I never use it
  • Rarely
  • Never, I didn’t know about it!

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For those who choose that they extensively use the tag navigator, could you please explain your workflow in detail here?

Like the DOM panel, the tag navigator works for elements which the App Structure panel doesn’t recognise. However, it’s convenient not to have to switch to another panel. The navigator is often more concise and doens’t need scrolling, collapsing or resizing etc. to see more information, eg:


… as opposed to this:

Also, I give the navigator the occasional right-click, hoping it might one day give in and display a menu with one or two goodies like this:

It may be that I haven’t really used the DOM panel very much. I should probably use it more.


Interesting! Well file up a Feature Request @TomD !