Pointers on Multi-Select Multi-update Scenario

Once again I call on the infinate wisdom of the Wappler gods!

I have a repeat section that lists applications. I have created a multi-select button similar to mobile apps select and edit UX pattern.

Multi Select opens up a select input with value of the id of the record

Clicking on bulk archive button opens a modal to confirm bulk update

So I do not have any input fields currently in the modal form like one would have the hidden input with the reference id of the record you would want to delete/update.

I have never ever ever worked with arrays if that is maybe the solution. So currently I’m stuck with how to get the id’s into server connect and then also to loop through all of them to update.

Hi, maybe this topic will help you: Database: Multiple checked records in a separate table ?

Thanks @Teodor, but I am not following exactly. Would I use a get variable in the server action and then set it in app connect as the checkbox input with checkboxfieldnameid[].

The examples in other post use post variables.With my setup I should just click on button that should get the values of the checkboxes, compare and update with the server action that runs.

Tried various ways with get and post. My main obsticle is that the checkbox displays as checkbox in app connect panel and not as checkboxfieldnameid[]

I don’t quite understand what you mean, but for delete/update server actions you should be using form and post method.

Ok, think I have an idea. Will report back asap. Thanks

Is there a tutorial on multi-update/delete - just need to understand how to loop through the repeat section. Thanks

Same as in DW: https://www.dmxzone.com/go/32764/dmxzone-app-connect-manual/

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thanks! - just found your DW DMX tut and saw the panel has multi update option built in

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