I get to drive 62 miles 1 way to work and always looking to better myself in both the technology world and self improvement. With that said I was wondering if anyone had any good podcast they recommend?

I used to listen and read “everything business” that fell in my hands thinking it would make me successful. It gets to a point that:

  1. Every single book and podcast circle around the same basic ideas.
  2. They don’t make you better but paralyse you due to information excess.

So I stopped listening and reading to business gurus and started making/building things.

Now in my free moments I read fiction and listen to funny/scientific/history podcasts.

From time to time I will read a business book that really catches my attention but that’s an exception and not the general rule.

Build things and learn on-demand when you hit a roadblock. Spare time enjoy and hit fiction. True creativity will flow from fiction, not from business podcasts.


Could not agree more. And would add that “downtime” is where I find my simplest solutions to complex development challenges.

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I love the Reboot podcast.


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I totalluy agre with you JonL!

I went to many siminars and read book etc.

One day you realize that you get saturated from all the huge amount of info available and that you realize that it is also important to have a balanced life, do something different, put work and business aside, share some good time with familly and friends, watch a movie, listen to music and so on.

After all, life is not just about business and being successful is not only about money.

And that’s not fiction, it’s reallity :slight_smile:


IndieHackers is very inspiring and you can probably apply some of it to whatever you’re trying to build.

Not really inspiring or tech related, but these are like watching a movie. Really cool if you haven’t listened to them before.

Guy Raz with TED Radio Hour is another inspiring podcast

Guy Raz again with How I Built This

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