Please add "get from Server" Functionality

It would be very helpful and time saving if we had a “Get from Server” function in the Project Folder panel. It takes so much time to switch to target and click through the folders to find the file/folder to download from the target-server. This is actually the only really nice function in DW I am missing in Wappler :blush:

I found the synchronise feature in Dreamweaver so very useful and do miss it.


Well you have the same GET and PUBLISH options in Wappler :slight_smile:

Cheers Teodor, I realise that, it was the compare list where you could manually set options for each file once you had clicked the ‘Preview…’ button. I know it is a basic function but I used to find it very useful. Unless you can tell me that it is possible now but I haven’t found it yet?! :smile:

If I am right to actual synch in Wappler makes a complete synch. I’d like to be able to get a folder or just a file from the server by selecting them in the local panel tree and click on get

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You can do so already with right click on target.

After rereading your post I understand what you mean.

There should be a get button like the one on the bottom, but with the option to only select a folder or a file.


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Get file from remote target button has been added to Wappler 2.7.0