Please add App Connect Lightbox support for youtube links

Please add App Connect Lightbox support for youtube links.

Otherwise it’s more or less useless as uploading of videos on the webserver via a cms is restriced by most of the provider to about 100MB per php-upload. And most of the videos are bigger.

Similarly, it would be useful if the video component supported YouTube and Vimeo too.


George, please implement this. I can finally create complete detail pages in Wappler with complex file download table, image swiper with light box, but without Youtube support I need to use fancybox for the videos. That’s somehow stupid.

Please set this to higher priority. Thanks in advance!

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Any news on this?

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Try to use some html code or other component until this Feature reaches that importancy which is needed.

I’m currently mixing lightbox with fancybox to achieve this. But this can’t be the way to go. Lightbox must have support for Youtube, etc. videos.

I’d still be happy if this would be realized :wink:

Any news on this request?

Just to remember: that would be a nice extension to lightbox :wink: