Platform question regarding javascript SDK


I’m new here. Came here because my web app needs popped the bubble I was in. I’m wanting to try out a Javascript-based PDF SDK for web apps. To sign up for the trial I need to pick my web platform from those shown in the image below. Can anyone advise me which I should choose?

Thanks for the help,

What are you trying to achieve?

Well, not sure how to describe it much differently that what I did. I’ll be building an app in Wappler that will use the pdf SDK a core component of the app. Before I can use it I need to tell the software providers which platform The list shown above that I’m going to use. Because I’m just getting started I don’t know one from the other.

I use Wappler for web development, hence I am not familiar with PDF SDK as such. Looking at the available options and thinking Wappler, I would choose the following:


Thanks for your suggestions. I was going to choose node.js but I thought I read on here that people are still waiting for node.js support. Is that available now?

You will need to load node.js as per

After that, it will always be available when using Wappler.

Thank you.