Place A Dynamic Query List Into A Form


This may be a pipe dream, but let me dream out loud. Below may be overkill, but here’s my challenge.

  1. Is it plausible to place a dynamic query list inside a form, assign input field names to the repeated rows?
  2. Then from that list, items in the rows could be selected with a checkbox field.
  3. Afterward, the results of the items selected would be inserted to an order’s table by clicking the submit button.
  4. Once they are inserted in the orders table, they could then be downloaded to the user’s computer.

Hi @revjrblack
Yes, all of this is possible :slight_smile:


Just a hint for the dynamic list in case you find it usefull. Use dmx-bind:name, dmx-bind:id where needed to pass values in the dynamic list. Have done something similar for an ecommerce. Also (even if it is talking about image reordering) you can see the video below. It creates dynamic lists from a query inside a form and then it is submiting the form.

Thank you!


Thanks guys!

Yes, I stayed at it and got it completed last night. Wappler is dreamwork!

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I appreciate the link, however, it goes to a blank page. If possible, I would really enjoy viewing the ‘reorder image’ tutorial. :smiley:


Ha you are right! Will repost

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Thank you!