Pine Grove Pictures Website


We present you a great looking responsive website built with Wappler by @max_gb, which includes e-commerce functionality.

Here’s the description he kindly provided:

I have recently completed a small project for a local community cinema group -

It does have membership purchasing, renewal and also ticket purchasing functionality (which you can’t see at the moment due to Covid-19) with Stripe.


Nice site, @max_gb. Another great example of Wappler-created sites running so incredibly fast. Shame we can’t see the full functionality but will have another look when covid restrictions are no longer in place. :+1:


It looks good and as @sitestreet says, loads really quickly. It made me feel rather nostalgic - not only because of memories of being able to go the cinema, but also because I used to live near there (about 100 years ago).

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I love the design! Great work.


nice work. clean and pretty.

I like it! Clean and nice design :slight_smile: