Peak Forum Traffic

Anyone notice the extra forum traffic on the Thursday, like we are all waiting for Santa (Sint Nikolaas) to pop in. :partying_face:

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Very true, I wait with anticipation for Thursdays. But sadly, no update today, so I will have to contend with drinking my pumpkin spice lattes.

I would offer @Hyperbytes one, but he has been bad, so he is on the naughty list !


LOL, Always Scott!

Guess I will stick to Humbugs!


Yes unfortunately no update today, we are off to Holland soccer game and beers in Rotterdam :slight_smile: :beer:


Enjoy it. We all now you and the team deserve it !


Wait- I just got out of bed this morning for nothing??

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Well since you are up, would you mind going to get me a pumpkin flavored doughnut, pumpkin spice latte, and a pumpkin pie?

:joy::joy::joy: Sure. Gimme your FedEx account number.

Awesome… There’s only one thing I like more than Thursday updates, and that’s a team that knows there is more to life than Thursday updates. Enjoy!!

Fun fact, my niece played for ADO Den Haag last year and loved it.


I did just click the ‘Check for Updates…’ button! :rofl:
I’m not sure if it was out of habit, desperation or hope.
Now I feel sad :cry:

Time for caffeine…

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Are there any updates today ?

No, the team is on a well deserved break. Next update, next week.