Password Reset - Part 2 - Status 500 error when updating password


I am setting up the Password Reset functionality. So far, following the Wappler docs, I have been able to generate password reset link, email the link and browse to the reset password page correctly.

However, when I submit the reset password form after entering the new password, I’m getting Status 500 Internal Server Error with the url ..\reset_user_password.aspx, which corresponds to the reset_user_password server action. I’m also not getting any error responses (400) when clicking on the 'Reset Password` button.

The password reset link is correctly showing the email and hash as url query parameters. The hidden query parameters on the reset page are also getting the values correctly.

I have set up the server action like this:

I’m not sure whether I’m missing a step or my server action is incorrectly setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you.

Can you share the error output of server action? You can get it from network tab.

There seemed to be some issue with the Form I had setup on the html page. I deleted and re-created both server action and linked html page and this resolved the issue. The passwords are correctly updating now.

I also simplified the server action by setting up a Single Database Query with a condition to compare user_email with email from the reset password link and then setting up a Condition to compare hashes and update database if true. A screenshot of the server action:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Thats great.

Alsp, if you could mark your answer as the solution, it will keep the posts in the community organised. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I have added a screenshot if someone wants to refer to it :slight_smile:

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