Parameterising the email client Mailer


Is there a way of parameterising the Send Mail Mailer ?

I’d like to parameterise the send mail component to send from each client’s own SMTP server (e.g outlook, ecxhange, 365, Gmail) in a multi-tenanted environment …

Thanks for any feedback or ideas …

In Globals I placed a group called GlobalConfig:

Inside it you can do a Set Value SMTP_SERVER and stuff like that, depending on the current tenant

The mail config component accepts dynamic expressions, so you can get it from Globals

(I haven’t tested this, just theorizing)

Thanks. I don’t have a dynamic expression for my Mailer. V.4.9.x

I think 5.1.3 is stable (the last one available)

Other than that, you can try manually editing the JSON of the server action/mailer to include the dynamic expression, and see if it works - maybe it was just missing in the UI

Thanks @apple I’ll give it a go