Paramater input missing when editing a server connect action

Wappler Version : 4.0.0 v6
Operating System : Mac M
Server Model: PHP
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

When editing using a server connect in a dynamic event the parameters should be editable

Actual behavior

The parameters are there on creating the dynamic event, but missing on edit.

The parameters are still in the code though…

          <dmx-calendar id="calendar1" views="dayGridMonth,dayGridWeek,dayGridDay,listMonth" dmx-bind:date="" aspect-ratio="1" dmx-bind:aspect-ratio="browser1.viewport.width <= 1199 ? 1 : 2"
                dmx-on:eventclick="sc_tripbit_get.load({tripbit_id: $});" editable="true" dmx-on:dateclick="modal_unscheduled.u_start_date.setValue($;"
                no-fixed-week-count="true" dmx-bind:now-indicator="" selectable="true" now-indicator="true" dmx-bind:view="browser1.viewport.width <= 1199 ? 'listMonth' : 'dayGridMonth'"
                dmx-on:eventdrop="sc_tripbit_aed.load({tripbid_id: $, cal_edit: 1, start_date: $event.event.start, end_date: $event.event.end})"
                dmx-on:eventresize="sc_tripbit_aed.load({tripbid_id: $, cal_edit: 1, start_date: $event.event.start, end_date: $event.event.end})">

Could you attach the debug logs?

Just restart with logging, reproduce the problem and choose to submit error report from the menu.

Explorer/finder will be opened with the debug logging zip file that you can drag here. No need to create a new topic.

Unfortunately Wappler crashes every time I try to do that. I get to a different point each time but it always crashes.

When exactly does it crashes? When you restart with logging or when you choose to submit a bug report?

Sometimes it crashes right after reloading with logging and before I do anything. Once I got as far as showing the server connect without the parameters. Never made it back to the submit error report again. I tried doing a screen recording just now a couple times but it crashes before I can do anything. Sorry - I know that’s probably not very helpful!

Just to be clear those crashes happen only when you have the logging on?


I was just posting a bug report for this when I found this thread. I also have the same issue (Mac, v3.9.9 and v4 b7, PHP).

EDIT: Just spotted it’s already fixed in next update. :slight_smile:

Fixed in Wappler 4 beta 8

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