Parallax FX (visual design)

I am switching from FlexiLayout to Wappler but now I miss
a very trendy feature that is not available in wappler: PARALLAX FX (make a section background paralax).

Thank you and continue the great work!

It would be very interesting to hear about your previous experience with that software!? thank you very much

@Webjack357 just to clarify what do you call parallax fx - is it a container on your page, which has a background image applied, and this background image scrolls with different speed than the container content?

Yes exactly Teodor! and ideally with the option of having the background in position (fixed) like this:

Or with scrolling speed fx:

And talking about parallax fx, here is one of the greatest parallax website fx I have seem so far, it is awesome art work:


Hi Freddy. FlexiLayout (FL) is a DW extension from XtendStudio (Since 2005) FL is a design tool no data management, it started basic and became a very complete tool with many useful features not yet found in Wappler like:

  • Parallax background fx,
  • Gradient background color
  • Web Fonts
  • Hover fx on pretty much everything
  • and more.

And version 3 is very helpful with Predefined block of content and elements (see picture) structured by categories:

And when you navigate trough a category you see a list of different layout or dispositions with a preview for each one:

And they grouped all standard elements (container, row etc.) grouped in a menu:

So this is a very good tool to speed up the design part.

The only complain I would have is that it is very tricky to try to adjust each elements for different medias screen because when you change the padding or margin values for a specific screen size it randomly screw the one for other size, so you have to resize many times.
And one big problem is FL produce proprietary code.

Here is a website I built for a client:
Built entirely with FL.

It is a short overview but it gives a pretty idea of things that could be implemented into Wappler :slight_smile:

As I explained in your other topics about effects/design options - all the features you mentioned are planned and will be integrated in the Design panel of Wappler.
The update is coming really soon.

We already have a nice smooth scroll component integrated in Wappler...

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Wow this is great news Teodor!

I did not know about smooth scroll already integrated, I only start building a website Wappler since a few days, but I just found it under Animation menu, thank you :slight_smile:

Parallax component is already available in v2.0.1

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Is Parallax just for images? Would one be able to also apply to text blocks?

Yes, this components is for images only.