Pagination and reload page


The following link has BS4 Dynamic Paging at the bottom. When going from page to page, the titles are updated, but not the images. How to force reloading the page in order to go to the top so images can be refreshed? Thanks.


i think You are using Big images. ?(MB).

Simple solution iş preloader :slight_smile: if you dont want to change images size


long loading time on my phone… funny creatures! But maybe shorten the page scroll… its huge. Or go with 2 column thumbnails on mobile…


This is the resulting code for the correct image:

<img class=“card-img-top img-fluid lazyloaded” alt="" data-src="/img/members/2537/2537-551809-xzmM5IQO.jpg" src="/img/members/2537/2537-551809-xzmM5IQO.jpg">

And this is for the incorrect image:

<img class=“card-img-top img-fluid lazyloaded” alt="" data-src="/img/members/2537/2537-551228-ZHb1DZcG.jpg" src="/img/members/2537/2537-551809-xzmM5IQO.jpg">

As you can see, the data-src has changed while src has not. I think a bit of work is required from @patrick


You should use repeat children and select a value for the key option, usually you assign there the identity column from your DB table.
This will make your images properly refresh their src attributes.

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Fixed with Unique Key property. Thanks!

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