Paged Custom Query - NodeJS & PHP [Paid]


We are happy to share our latest extension for Wappler which allows you to create a custom query with pagination support.
This extension is currently in beta and has been tested on PHP & NodeJS with MSSQL, MySQL, PosgtreSQL & SQLite DBs.

The query is distributed in multiple inputs - select, from, where etc. to ensure almost any custom query can be supported.
There is an option to debug the query too.
We have put in some work-arounds for limitations in Wappler’s extensibility options like setting up schema & selecting DB.

Although we have done a lot of testing on our end, but there still might be some bugs based on what type of query you may want to run.
Send us a message (@nshkrsh & @sid) for purchasing this extension.

Team /#


Beautiful job. I’m definitely going to use this in a couple of days @sid Team /#