Page-specific SEO

Hi folks

I’ve created website pages from a saved layout. Header meta data and scripts are included in the layout file. What’s the best practice to adding page-specific header meta data (and/or) scripts on “child” pages created from that original layout file?

Thanks, John

Have a look at

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Brilliant Ben. I’ll execute your method. Thank you!

Hi Ben.

I noticed doesn’t have an option to set dynamic server side data binding option in wappler. I have pages I don’t want crawled, any suggestions as to how to change this to “nofollow” on private pages?

Great question, I had not noticed.

As a workaround, you could do it the old-fashioned way by adding the dynamic value

<meta name="robots" content="<%=_('robots')%>">

For a more Wapplerer solution, please post a Feature Request.

Thanks Ben. I have added as a feature request