Page Restrict Alternative Method?

The Security Provider works wonderfully. However there is no Page Restrict option to secure pages. What is the alternative method for securing content. Having a secure login is meaningless if people can get to the content anyways.

Hi Brad,
Security enforcer will be added in Wappler really soon. No need to look for an alternative.


Thanks Teodor, I am really stuck and can’t go much further in my project until that is added.

Well, you could just add it when it is available in Wappler. That shouldn’t stop you developing the rest of the page.

I can’t have the data being displayed to just anyone and I can’t add Add, Edit and Delete functionality either as it is live data. The pages need to be secured for a reason :wink:

I would recommend using Apache’s ability to secure subdirectories via .htaccess until this is solved. But I’m sure you know this.


I assume that you still have Dreamweaver.


If you do the security provider bit for one page, it will produce the security code at the top of your document. What I have done is copy that code and placed it in a separate file called security.php.

I then include that code at the top of each of my secured documents.

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