Page doesn't scroll

All of a sudden I have a page that just will not scroll past the initial view. There is data going off the page but it doesn’t load. I don’t get a scroll bar in the editor or on the page?


Have a look at a stray tag on line 231

Thanks for checking, that still didn’t seem to help so I’m rebuilding it from scratch, I think. It seems that on mobile at least many of my pages freeze on the content without scrolling, I think I need to figure out why first. I don’t “think” this issue existed before.

Your page code is quite messed up. You have multiple <html> and <head> tags in the page, when there should only be one.

Most probably these coming from an include on the page, not properly created and included - maybe you are trying to use a full page as an include.

they were in the nav include (been there forever) so I took them out. Still have the issue though

It’s the preloader script that puts a style of overflow: hidden to the body tag, while the content is loading and it should remove it after the content is loaded and preloader is hidden. I see you are using preloader on the page like:

<dmx-preloader id="preloader1" dmx-show="EventPhotoForm.state.executing"></dmx-preloader>

why is that dmx-show added there - there must be no such an attribute added to the preloader component. Please remove it from there.

I think that was it! I thought I had to show/hide like the button spinner.

Thanks again for your help