Packaging PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Are there any plans for also deploying pwa’s?


Yes as PWA’s are finally getting wide support, we will definitely support them as their are even much easier to deploy than native apps. Just as easy as deploying simple web sites.

So we definitely will get in to PWA’s and offer tools, plugins and deployment.

Actually the frameworks already includes in Wappler like App Connect, Framework7 and even bootstrap are perfect for PWA’s


Any updates regarding PWA’s?

Hi Adam,

Welcome to Wappler and our great community!

We already have great Cordova packaging for all the mobile and soon desktop deployments.

Will very soon also get to the PWA packaging as well.


Desktop deployment means you can do like stand alone application on desktop computer??

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I’m just wondering if there is any update on PWA.

I want this feature :smiley: is available in the latest version?

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my subscription will start, when PWA support does :wink:

Progressive Web Apps have been the hype for at least 3 years now.
I’m waiting to see Wappler catch up to making them a MAJOR FEATURE
in Wappler Project Categories
with emphasis on seeing working demos
Their own Forum category
How to Convert existing projects into PWA’s
Thank you!


Hi @George I have developed a mixed web app (responsive) on Wappler: mostly SPA with some separate pages for least used functionalities such as settings, etc.
I am interested to make it a PWA, any workarounds/tutorial you can point us to, to use until the functionality is developed in Wappler? Thanks

As indicated here:

We will be using Google Workbox for the PWA support.
You can already use Workbox manually in Wappler. We will just automate things later on.
So if you try it out, see what it does, learn more about PWA by using it, and you can provide us feedback for more closer integration in Wappler.

Workbox has a nice wizard that you can run and get everything generated:

and use it:

You can do all this in the terminal of Wappler. Just start it and enter the commands of Workbox as stated in the docs above.