Outputting data to site using Ajax/JSON

I want to output JSON data to my web page from an MSQL data base. Can anyone show me how to do this? Is there an app that can do this and how?

Hi Leon,

Actually outputting JSON and feeding dynamic sites with it, is Wapplers primary strength.
This is all done with the build-in server side framework called Server Connect,
Every action you define in the Server Connect panel is actually your API outputting JSON.

Server Connect has a rich database connectivity and visual query builder - so you can connect to MySQL, query database and output it back.

Usually those server connect actions are used in combination with App Connect - that is a client side framework, reading those JSON data and dynamically populating your page with it. Also all visually.

So check the Wappler Docs how is this all done:

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I will certainly try it. Does this mean that the page can stay as a html page or do I need to change it to php? ALso can you point me directly to the page?

Yes you can use simple html pages, no need of PHP page.
Please check the first 3 tutorials here: https://docs.wappler.io/t/about-the-server-side-components-category/2835
They explain how to connect to a database and how to show data on the page.

excellent. I will try them out.