Output fields no longer showing on server side repeat (php model)

Wappler Version: 5.1
Operating System: Windows 11

When creating a repeat step in the apis, it should offer, or reflect out put fields.
Example from an existing api action:


What step are you repeating? Is it not a database query?

Hi Teodor @Teodor,

it’s a paged database query (not custom). This particular api action was created on a previous version of Wappler, and I noticed this behavior when I tried to edit the output fields and found them empty. They are in the api page code.


Just tested this with a paged query and all seems to work fine:

Maybe try to reapply your query / resave server action and try again?

parsing.zip (5.0 KB)

I just did and I keep having the same issue with 2 server actions on my two machines. I’ve uploaded the two of them to see if you can spot something wrong,parsing_views.zip (4.1 KB)