Output field in custom module defaultValue not working

Wappler Version : 4.4.5
Operating System : MacOS Monterey

Expected behavior

Adding a defaultValue of true to an output should default the output to true when adding the action and allow further toggling to uncheck and check.

{ name: 'queryOutput', optionName: 'output', title: 'Output', type: 'boolean', defaultValue: true }

Actual behavior

If you use the defaultValue toggling the checkbox will not write changes to the json SC file.

How to reproduce

In a Hjson file for a custom extension default the output to true, add the action and try toggling the checkbox. The json SC file is unchanged.

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Well defaultValue just indicates what is the value that when entered the whole option should be omitted.

If you want to make the checkbox checked initially add:

initValue: true, defaultValue: false

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Thanks George. Worth updating the docs as I think it’s not there.

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