Output field in custom module defaultValue not working

Wappler Version : 4.4.5
Operating System : MacOS Monterey

Expected behavior

Adding a defaultValue of true to an output should default the output to true when adding the action and allow further toggling to uncheck and check.

{ name: 'queryOutput', optionName: 'output', title: 'Output', type: 'boolean', defaultValue: true }

Actual behavior

If you use the defaultValue toggling the checkbox will not write changes to the json SC file.

How to reproduce

In a Hjson file for a custom extension default the output to true, add the action and try toggling the checkbox. The json SC file is unchanged.

Well defaultValue just indicates what is the value that when entered the whole option should be omitted.

If you want to make the checkbox checked initially add:

initValue: true, defaultValue: false

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Thanks George. Worth updating the docs as I think it’s not there.

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