Our company website done as SPA

So during the day I work as a UI/UX designer for a SaaS company that builds software for desktop and mobile apps. We needed to redo our company website with our imminent first product launch later this year and I used Wappler! Also bult it as a SPA with all the content pages loading into the main view.

We have a talented game developer turned front end developer turned illustrator that did all our illustrations and it gives the brand a very approachable and friendly feel.

Some things like the pricing page and added css I hand coded but most of the site was built very visually.




What a great website! Thanks for sharing it with us, Marcel! :slight_smile:

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It looks very nice!

Why did you choose SPA?

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@JonL There really is no specific reason. Our company apps are all react and react native based and I guess I wanted to “show off” to the developers at the office :slight_smile: Just joking, but really I could have built the exact same thing as normal page website and maybe just used includes for the header and footer.

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Looks great Marcel! Congratulations!

Well done as SPA! This approach has indeed many advantages like speed in loading and much better user experience as the site looks and feel much more like an app than a regular website.



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I love the site and the idea of using SPA and thanks for sharing.

However, I would not be the grumpy old man that I am if I did not point out that, if you are concerned about SEO, you will need to do something about the Title and Description of each of your page views. Please have look at Correct Title and Meta Description for SPA


Thanks @ben I have not done or attempted to do SEO yet - just got the site up for now. We have a SEO and Social Media strategy and I will use your recommendation.

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Great job, Marcel. I especially liked the way the logo changed on scroll as the navbar became semi-transparent - nice touch.

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