Oracle Support

May i use now node-oracledb 4.2 with wappler to connect to oracle database? May i use server connect the query tables from there?

Oracle is a very bad, money hungry database provider. It disallows any developments and integrations to it’s database unless you pay them big money.

See the open letter some developers send, begging for integrations but still no answer:

All support and developments for Oracle are done behind a huge paywall. So you can’t do anything unless you pay first and hire their consultants.

So I would strongly discourage you to use Oracle - there are much better database solutions out there.

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Bad news indeed; oracle is not my option. My employer use it for the expert system so, i have to comply.

I turned this to a feature request, if we can get Oracle for development and more people request it - will see what we can do.

This is good news; thks George.