Option to open certain UI features as tabs. i.e. data table editor

Option to open certain Wappler UI components as tabs via contextual menu or keyboard shortcut (i.e. cmd/ctrl + click).

Currently tabs are only used to render monaco/other editor to view files but some components could take advantage of being opened in tabs like database data editor, flows, etc.

This would put certain components just one click away instead of interrupting the flow of work by opening a popup.

This option would improve productivity and learning new components by being able to quickly tab between them or having them one click away.

It improves UX for the users without jeopardizing the general layout of Wappler UI.

Yea, I see where you are going with this. Got my vote.

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I do feel sometimes you are reading my mind :slight_smile: - well great minds think alike :wink:

Anyway this was one of the ideas about multiple editors in Wappler that I mentioned in the last zoom meeting

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