Option to Disable Wappler's In App Animations


the in app Animation of Wappler are a good touch from UX perspective.
love the animation added to tthe elements popup in 1.9.7.

however, request for an option to disable these animations completely.

lately, we’ve been working on an AWS windows instance remotely for a client.
what happens with in app animations is that things appear too slow many times.

an example:

you can see the load of the popup was so slow on the remote instance i could comfortably take a screenshot of it.

please consider.

thank you.

New Experimental Design View

Good point!

We were doubtful about the popup animations as it looks great indeed but also for some people with motion sickness it might feel uncomfortable.

That is why all the latest smart phones have a “reduce motion” option. Even Google have proposed a special CSS media query about this, that is controlled by the device settings.

So having an option in Wappler is also a good idea.

assigned George #3