Option sets in Bubble > Wappler version?

Hey guys,

Do we know if there is a Wappler version of ‘option sets’ that are very handy in Bubble?

For us non bubblers, what exactly are option sets?

I think you would have to create a table for option sets. This what essentially Bubble does, it either creates a array of options "rights" : [ "admin" , "editor" , "contributor" ] or it creates a database table of options. If you are going to use the option set in many places I would say the database table option is the way to go.

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Thanks, this can work. Would you create a new table per single option set or have one option set table that holds multiple

I would add with the use of two tables otherwise it might become a little onerous to keep updated and it will also give you option in the future.

Option List table

ID | Option list name (ID is the primary key)
1 | “Colour list”
2 | “Opinion List”

Option values table

ID | Id from option list | List item (You could make the “id” as foreign key)
20 | 1 | Red
21 | 1 | Green
22 | 1 | Blue
23 | 2 | Good
24 | 2 | Bad
25 | 2 | Uggly

Option list would just run query to grab

Get all list items where “option values” id = option list ID

There are no doubt other ways of doing this and I am sure others with lots of database design and developer experience maybe able to build on this, but I like to keep it simple!

I already abandoned ship when the introduced Option Sets so I never had the chance to try them out.

Although from their manual I would say it’s some sort of enum type that is loaded at the beginning into local storage or something as successive reads will not be done against the database.

Not that I fully understand node yet but they appear to have opted to build the designer content on the server and then send them to the browser. The issue with this is you have to wait for the designer to render the content, it has been a grab a cup of tea moment! It does appear they are doing more of this to try and improve performance, but not sure it is working.

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