Option for "Restore Previous Version"

I think should be a good idea to have the possibility to restore the previous version if something go wrong and we don’t have a backup (Wappler is updated every week and this option would allow us to update it with greater peace of mind).

As an example see Snagit (a screen capture software):


I use the update feature in Wappler but also go and manually download the .dmg file from their website for every update so I have a copy of every previous version just incase I need it stored in my downloads folder.

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Same here got all the versions from 2.3.0.
Only difference for me is I do a clean install every time.

I use the auto-update but also download every version and have them all kept in my Google Drive. I go back to v1.0.0!

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It looks like quite a few people download the dmg from the site on each update. Would it be possible to add a download area for logged in users (unless there is one I can’t see)? I find it frustrating that I have to enter my details every time I want to download.