Operation add value to a number fails



In my users table I have a login counter, after my login step I have a query to get the current value, then a repeat and an update step to add 1 to the current value. Instead of getting what I expect, it handles it as a string and add ‘1’ after the current value (1 became 11) . It is an int on the database, Wappler recognise it as a number, so can’t really see where is the problem. Any idea?

Thanks for any feedback in advance!



Can you provide a screenshot of how is your step and value calculation set up?


Hi Teodor,

Please find below.



Hi, just apply a “To Number” formatter to the login_value before the +1.


ahhh :slight_smile: as it had the hash sign before the variable I thought it already handles it as a number.
Working now, thanks Teodor!