Open Query Builder: Bug Report #1633535855436

OS info

  • Operating System : Mac OSX 19.5.0
  • Wappler Version : 4.1.1

Problem description

Can’t open query builder on certain old working actions.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open wappler
  2. Open server connect action
  3. try to open query builder (265.6 KB)

If you use alias’s please check


Thanks @Sorry_Duh, but this fix was before version 4.1.1 right, I think the current version already has this fix, no? Anyways, I copied the file to the path informed and the problem remains :frowning:

I believe hyperbytes made the bug report in Wappler Version : 4.1.1 I think this will be in Thursdays update maybe wrong though.

Maybe try restart Wappler fully after replacing the file if that doesn’t help sure the community will help out :smile:

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I had the same problem on a Windows PC.
Working on an older project (last 6 months) and now the Query Options button won’t open the query.
This is since the last updates.
The suggested fix above worked for me.

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This was fixed in Wappler 4.1.2

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