Online files are not executed :/

Can anyone tell me why some of the online files are not running?

Many thanks for your help.

Some paths seem wrong, could also be the remote directory or different folder structure in your local and remote targets. Maybe right click on any of the files with the errors in the dev tools and select open in browser to see where is it trying to find them?

the wrong folder is addressed, but I didn’t specify a subfolder


where did I make the mistake in the settings?

So … where are your files located, where is the browser looking for them? Make sure to correctly setup your paths / folders in the target settings.

I didn’t specify a subfolder.

What is your local site / server structure? Where does your local project reside in the local site config?
What are paths set to - root or page relative?
What is the remote site / server structure?

my local struktur is localhost/projekte/files…

I don’t know, where can I find that?


In the project settings.

I don’t really understand. Can you please post the exact paths as they are?

ok i got it.
it was “Links Relative to Document”

now i try also “Site Root”
but that hasn’t changed

There’s something really messed up with your file structure.
Please post screenshots showing how is your local site configured with all the paths visible and your remote target configuration also with all the paths visible.

I sent the a message

The issue was fixed by changing paths to page relative.