Online Editor extension

Can the DWXzone extensions purchased throughout the years be used in Wappler? If so, how are they installed? If not, are there or will there be similar extensions offered (e.g., Tabs, Rotators, Dropdowns) to enhance functions and features of Wappler?

Can any existing HTML-based website be opened in Wappler for further building?

Also, I don’t see any features that allow building online editing capabilities for the client… am I missing this or is this feature not available?

The extensions are built into Wappler depending on what license you have. There is no need to install extensions.

Yes, existing websites can be opened in Wappler.

Which editing capabilities are you referring to? All the data/dynamic editing tools are available in Wappler. Insert/Edit/Delete, etc …

I am referring to something similar to the DMXzone Online Page Editor Add-on, which allows the client to access and add/edit/delete designated content on a page.

Hi Randy,

The latest replacement of the Advanced HTML Editor extensions is called App Connect Medium Editor. It is already available and included in Wappler.

With it you can build any online content editing solution you need. It also have addons for file upload and image resize. It integrates very well with Server Connect as well.

It also exists as Dreamweaver extension, so you might check the demos and docs on DMXzone to see how it all works as it is simular in working in Wappler:

We have being porting all of the best DMXzone extensions to Wappler for the past year, so we can make sure you got all the powers you need in Wappler.