Onboarding with ID / Passport Web Scanning

Maybe this is a special topic, but I‘m thinking to help users onboarding process via web scan of their ID’s or Passport via MRZ That would help to fillout a registrationform:

  • Firstname
  • Middlename
  • Lastname
  • Age
  • Sex
  • City / Country
  • Photo (optional)

Any ideas which provider has good API‘s? I found one but I guess I need to wait for bearer Token, or use Hosted Page from them, or another provider to have enough security for users.

Regula Forensics: This one is quite funny and works within 5 seconds :grinning::ok_hand:t5::


IDSolver has also an API

This one has a Webinterface DEMO: https://microblink.com/products/blinkid/web-api

or Accura scan:

Veiris and many more:

Also its possible to implement it manually locally via PHP Solidus MRZ and Sourcecode is available from Github https://github.com/tetrahydra/SolidusMRZ

Impressive here is tesseract OCR also as JS available … wooow! http://tesseract.projectnaptha.com


I was watching an Elon Musk interview recently where he was discussing machine learning and AI. Interesting viewing from a man that is at the cutting edge of technology, and very sensible. Calling for the protection of export of AI based applications among other things. Seeing them as a serious threat equal to that of nuclear weapons. I could see his point. He predicted that unless this technology is seriously safe guarded it will bring on the demise of humanity within a few years. Skynet style!

As a regular 4chan user I must say some of the deep fakes which have utilised the basic technologies are astounding! This in the hands of amateurs! Now if a serious individual or nation state wanted to harness these abilities as a weapon… Who knows where we’ll end up!


If you’re interested here is the interview link:

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Steven Hawking was also afraid about AI/ML … I did some funny tests withing that topic via Python, Pytorch etc and it was Amazing and shocking how fast its learning! But OCR is quite a simple process and has not alot to do with this onboarding process. Also I guess some MRZ uses some „checksum…?“ Numbers withing the code. So for me this shitty MRZ is nothing different than a normal QR or Barcode.

BTW: I am afraid about AI… it will takeover aloooooooot of low level jobs, like Cashier and more…

Albert Einstein would say the same for 101%

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Totally agree OCR and AI are quite far apart. Won’t take long for that to change, and almost every other facet of technology from cars to kettles.

The day when my kettle and toaster group up on me and thrash me at CS is the day I’ll head up to the mountains with my backpack and shotgun! :smiley:

Certainly an incredibly interesting subject Freddy!

Sorry I’ve taken your thread slightly askew and off topic, forgive me.