Offsite CSS Style Sheets

I noticed that there are several CSS styles sheets that link to other URLs, offsite that control look & feel of some of Wappler’s default features.

Makes me nervous because my website may display improperly if these CSS links become broken (happened this morning). Is there anyway when building a new website to specify only an attached style sheet is used as primary and to opt for these Wappler pre-made styles from other sites to download their rules to a specified local style sheet? This would avoid any concerns for broken links or sites that are down.

Hello Randy,
There are two include options for Bootstrap 4 framework - local or CDN.
The links you are referring to are official Bootstrap CDN links. They cannot just stop working :slight_smile:
If you wish you could change that from the frameworks menu and select local include.
You can learn more about what is CDN and how it works/why is it used here:

I just switched, which worked quickly and seemlessly. I tested by turning off Wi-Fi and the style held. PERFECT!!

And thanks for the amazingly fast response (isn’t it pretty early there in the morning?)

Hey Randy, glad you have this changed as you like.
It’s 7:30PM here :slight_smile: