Odd Medium Editor Behaviour

I have Medium Editors on my site and they work fine. But for some reason below them there seems to be an HTML Preview textarea as well? This is only happening on one of my sites.


<textarea id="articleContent" name="articleContent" class="form-control" is="dmx-medium-editor" buttons="bold,italic,underline,anchor,quote,unorderedlist,justifyLeft,justifyCenter,justifyRight,justifyFull,removeFormat"></textarea>


Any idea what is causing this? It is happening on all the Medium Editors on one site.

Hey Brad,
Could you please send me a link to this site in a private message, so I can inspect this tomorrow morning?

Message and login details sent. Thanks.

Any luck on this issue?

Hi Brad,
Sorry - forgot to post the answer here.
The bootstrap css file is overriding some default medium editor styles.

Moving the bootstrap include before the medium editor css will fix the issue:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="bootstrap/4/solar/bootstrap.min.css">

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Thanks, Teodor. That fixed it.

I have exactly the same problem.
For me, bootstrap.min.css is loaded before dmxMediumEditor.css and dmxMediumEditor.js.
Nevertheless I have the problem.

Is there a solution here?