Novice JS question for navigation (How to navigate around, e.g. is it routing/page)

Hi all,

Getting my head around most - some what I believe to be super novice blockers coming up so please bear with me!

I’ve created the basic structure (design of all pages) in Wappler, a replica of the Bubble app I’m moving from.

Now, some pages have been saved in ‘Pages /views’ folder, and others in ‘Public’ - for simple navigation around pages - should they all simply sit in ‘public’ and not in ‘views’ ?

Secondly, what is the correct way to then navigate between pages with a dynamic app in Wappler - I’ve looked at ‘routes’ but that doesn’t seem to work well (or I haven’t learnt it yet) or alternatively I could select the file and have that in the ‘Link’ section - I just want to follow best practise here so would appreciate any guidance around that.

Thank you and apologies for such a novice Q.


/public should only contain client static assets(js, css, html)

/views contains pages that will be preprocessed by nodejs before being rendered in browser

If you have dynamic data you would normally use /views

In /views you will store layout pages, content pages and partial blocks. It will be your main working folder.


Thank you JonL, followed your guidance here and moved some of the assets to the appropriate folders.

If you don’t mind me asking a few more questions?
Can you explain how or point me towards best practice for navigating around the app itself (when live) - do I simply add the file to the link for a nav menu item, or do I need to figure out routing?

I think I have it, use routing and page and then select the page.

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