Not live data showed in Wappler

Hi guys,

I m having a problem because I don’t know what I touched but I got the problem that Wappler do not show me live data (or structure data).

Pease can you help me to know how to reestablish the live data ?

Example: how I see page in Chrome:

how I see in wappler:

Thank you very much

to see the user of roberto displayed in chrome do you have to first go through a login procedure?

Yes I do… I have login form

If your data requires you to be logged in - how would wappler live view know who you are, without being logged in?

You are right… then there is a way to solve it or not?
There is a way to visualize like in Dreamweaver project mode?

What do you mean exactly?

Sorry I have DW in italian…

In this way to let you understand:

What you are showing in DW is design view, Wappler’s view is more like live view.
How do you insert the data on the page? Like dynamic {{text}} or using inner-text attribute?

inner-text attribute is in table (I m using generators).
For example,

the number 20 is generated by binding a serverconnect procedure with “count” option

If I understood well your question

Ok, so if you are using inner-text, you won’t see the {{binding}} like in DW desgin view.

But if I m using binding I don’t see also.

Yes, because wappler tries to render your data. And as it needs you to be logged in, it won’t render it until you log in :slight_smile: otherwise no data is returned - same as in your browser.

then I must have all pages already linked between them because If I m logging in inside Wappler, I see the page after the login but if I open another page to edit doesn’t work

I am very confused @Teodor, i can view all my secure sites as though i am in Chrome directly within the design view of Wappler. And I have had that functionality for at least the last 2 months?

Well yes, but you have to log in first :slight_smile:

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Not sure if we are having the same issue, but one of my project pages are not showing the live data.
See attached for more details:

@Moustapha I am not sure I understand what exactly your issue is and how is it related to what we are discussing here.

I made a little How To here How to view your Live Data in Wappler Design View on a secure page


I have inserted a slideshow with static data and a set of property card in a row repeat with dynamic data but they are only showing when I open the browser but not in Wrappler.