Not getting logout function to work as I usually did on Dreamweaver

Created page with security and then the logout function as per usual. Then created dynamic action on mouse click for logout to run. It runs but returns empty and does not redirect as setup on success of the server action.

Attached the action file and the page for you to maybe check. Thanks (782 Bytes) (1.9 KB)

Could you please provide a link to your page where we can check this?

Thanks - below in details - not sure if this is how private messages work…


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Are you sure you added the components through the UI and not by copy-pasting from some other pages?
Browser component is missing from the page, as well as the preloader component - that is why it is not redirecting.

:tired_face::scream::open_mouth: My bad - I did, to try and save time copy the header and scripts to new page, in which I did not confirm that all were copied. Rookie mistake. Will make sure next time. Thanks for the help @Teodor and sorry for the effort

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