Noobie Questions: How would I integrate a different front end like React or Vue to Wappler

Hi Wappler Community,

I thought I would try again because as I repeatedly go through these nocode and low code solutions, Wappler seems like the best fit for what I need. Wappler is a developer’s tool and I’m not a developer.
It is just a fact that I will need to outsource things here and there and after spending almost a year with software that was difficult to hire freelancers for, I don’t want to put myself into that position again.

Wappler’s front-end technology is exclusive to Wappler from what I understand. I’d like to create my desired front end in either React Native Web or Vue using nocode tools. My final project is a social media web app and in the future we will be building native mobile apps to complement them.

What would I need to do to connect or import the front end so it works with the program built in Wappler as a back end? Are there any resources with the new Wappler 4 that I can use to learn how to do this?

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