NodeJS Wappler and Nodejs Hosting

After some tests on the use of NodeJS, I came to the conclusion that for domains located in shared hosting it is practically impossible to use NodeJS, even if it is available, without problems and therefore without the necessary security and reliability.
Unfortunately, customers often have domains already positioned on shared hosting that do not completely allow NodeJS, or that allow it in Plesk / Windows with settings that are hardly compatible with Wappler.
After all, the Providers I contacted for Assistance replied that they do not intend to provide assistance for NodeJS, as they have no interest in continuing the NodeJS offer.

Therefore for some sites for which I would still like to use NodeJS, especially to test its strengths and weaknesses, I must necessarily find other ways.

If possible I would like to have clarifications about the best NodeJS solutions, to publish NodeJS sites with Wappler
Also because as far as shared hosting is concerned, the costs are clear and transparent, but for the listed NodeJS solutions it is difficult to understand what the actual costs and the differences between the various solutions may be.

I thank in advance who will be able to clarify

  • Docker
  • DigitalOcean
  • Google Cloud
  • Heroku
  • Amazon AWS

If cost is a concern you should discard Amazon, Google and Heroku right now. Don’t even waste time in learning about them.

Check providers like Hetzner or Contabo. Or DO, linode, vultr, scaleway, etc

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So I have to discard Docker and DigitalOcean as well
However, it is not necessarily a question of costs, but rather to understand what costs are encountered with a site of medium importance
In any case I visit the ones you mentioned

DO is an option too. There are no invoice surprises with them either.

Docker is technology not a hosting provider. All of the providers I mentioned can handle docker.

I gave a look at the providers you mentioned, but I can’t understand if they support NodeJS and possibly with which package
I can’t find the DO site
I, currently have an account with InterServer Web, which also offers NodeJS, but I still can’t figure out if it’s reliable

DO is

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They all support nodejs. VPS servers usually support whatever you through at them within reason. i.e. You can’t normally start a mail delivery service with them as most of them block port 25.

But nodejs they can do without problem.

Digital Ocean looks like a Godsend for app developers, particularly in offering many different Droplet packages for virtual machines plus Node.js and PHP and such databases as MySQL.

But, once you get started with them then SUPPORT is vital. And according to Reviews in December 2020 at Digital Ocean Support is their most cursed “service”.

judging from this link it would appear that routes the providers mentioned, the one that comes out better is Interserver that I already use

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Apples and pears.

Grazie, Marzio
Vado a dare un’occhiata alla tua raccomandazione. :+1:

Unfortunately you can clearly see that those are bought/bot reviews.

Makes no sense that interserver has 5 times the amount of votes as others when the others are 100 times more popular.

I can safely assume that their service is rubbish.

the fact remains that it is not easy to understand how much it can cost to manage a site with nodejs and mysql using DO, heroku or Google