NodeJS and Mobile Apps

Can cordova plugins and nodejs plugins be used together during mobile application development? or what would be the idea of developing a mobile application with nodejs only?

These are different things.

Node.js is responsible for the server side.

Cordova is a wrapper of a web application in a native shell, which is perceived by the android and ios operating systems as a native application.

Therefore, Cordova is necessary if a mobile app is required. Or you need to conduct native development in java/c#/Objective-c. The Cordova alternative can only be in the form of ReactNative or NativeScript. But they use a different approach.

Actually just as I mentioned the use of NodeJS for desktop apps:

It might also the same be possible for mobile apps, thanks to this great development :

So the NodeJS future is really bright :slight_smile:


So when are you deprecating ASP and PHP? The sooner the better :stuck_out_tongue:

People start to freak out :joy:

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Haha i don’t see PHP going anywhere in the next 10~15 years :slight_smile:
Classic ASP is another thing … :smiley:

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Indeed. PHP 8 is scheduled for late 2020 with JIT and other goodies. But hopefully you guys don’t have to pay too much attention to it and can focus on nodejs and newer tech.

But I see PHP disappearing completely in that timeframe you mention and not becoming a “de facto” programming language for legacy websites. I don’t think it will be an equivalent to COBOL, FORTRAN or PASCAL found in so many business legacy systems today.

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Thanks @George

I saw a similar link, and that’s why this question came to mind. I think wappler will be good developments for mobile and desktop applications.

Cordova command-line runs on Node.js and is available on NPM.
npm install -g cordova cordova works on npm. For this reason, ask if it is possible.

Yes, I’m aware of that.)

I didn’t claim that node.js is not used in mobile development. But you will not be able to implement the user interface without using other tools, using only node.js.

Going back to your first question, I’ve already written that you can’t do without Cordova in development. And if you do decide to opt out of Cordova, you will have to replace it with an alternative in the form of ReactNative to create a user interface and link it to the native functions of your mobile device. Or turn to purely native development in java/Objective-c. Actually on the link specified by @George, I did not see the option in which you use only node.js in mobile app development and nothing more. All the same approaches are indicated there:

  • native development on android (java) / ios (Objective-c);
  • Cordova (webview + html);
  • ReactNative;

If I’m wrong about something, correct me. I will be very grateful. Because the topic of mobile development is very interesting to me and I want to have the most relevant knowledge in this matter.

If you plan paying a visit to hell that is :joy:

I guess you meant swift.

I have only given this as an example. :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of the speed of mobile app development to date, I don’t know of a faster way than Cordova + html

Yeah. it’s a great platform to get things out there and test the waters.
Objective-C is one of the most hated programming languages out there. That’s why I said that :smiley: