Node user sessions across restart

What is the expected behavior of user sessions upon restart? It seems the user sessions do not persist across restarts, so wondering a) if this is expected and b) is this something to be handled within Wappler, or should I be looking elsewhere?

Using Remember Me does not impact this, as I’m currently setting to true.

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Here you have some info.

I currently use with some custom code:

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Okay, thanks Jon for confirming that remains as the current state.

I’ll follow your lead!

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I have this working now, but like Jon mentions it will get overwritten every Thursday.

@patrick – Can we expect something baked into Wappler in the next few weeks or should I get a solid Wappler upgrade workflow?

@George Do we have a Wappler Built-in way to retain user sessions across restarts of a node server that is NOT using Docker or is this still a manual config?

I think redis external connections were added to the UI recently. Last update maybe?

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You can choose to use Redis now as session storage in server connection global options.

You do have to have a Redis instance for that.

You can enable it with docker in tge target options or use external managed Redis database as offered by digital ocean

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