Node parameters in UI

I use node parameters to drive server connect input’s, etc. like this:

<%= $_PARAM.user_id %>

There doesn’t appear to be a way to get these parameters using the data picker.

Did I miss something?

If you set variables in Define Query Params in main layout page, then you should be able to select it via picker on content page, and it should work.
I created a fresh project to test this some time ago. Resulting bidnding looks like {{query.param1}}

But, in one of my client’s existing project, this was not working and I had to resort to doing what you are doing.
Would be very interested to see what the issue here is.


That was it. Thanks @sid.

I see what you mean. I implemented the query parameter on the layout and tested yesterday – all good.

Now today after doing more dev, it no longer works.

I’m going back to the node code until I can file a proper bug report.

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Hey @mebeingken, hope all is doing great, mate!

I’m still using “<%= $_PARAM.xxxxx %>” to retrieve node.js URL parameter…do you have new discovery about this issue? Would be great to have query manager working, @Teodor.

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Hi Otavio,

I am just in the habit of pasting in the code. Not sure of the status of selecting in any visual picker.

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Thanks, @mebeingken!

Wappler 4.9.1 Node project on Windows 10. Both examples are summary pages that route to a detail pages.

This detail page was created in a previous version of Wappler has been working.

This host-event (detail pg) is configured the same way and fails with:
{“status”:“404”,“message”:"/host-event/ not found."}

Manually entering the Param into the Browser URL successfully routes to the host-event pg (ie the detail pg) as expected.

Following the docs Defining a Query Param in the Layout page and using query.hosteventid also fails. Defining the Query Param in the Content page failed due the the Param not being available in the picker.

I have not been able to find where the actual Query Parameter lives in the code. Any guidance on how to troubleshoot or resolve this would be appreciated. Thank You

EDIT- : : : THE NEXT DAY : : :
We created a new Node Site on the same Wappler 4.9.1 Node installation on Windows 10. Recreated the Upcoming Events to Event Summary app by configuring the Query Param in the Layout Page and used the navigation route display-event/:eventurl with SUCCESS :slight_smile:. So far so good.

We then created a New App in the same New Node Site using product-summaries to a product detail page that Failed, 404 not found. :disappointed:

The Upcoming Events to Event Summary app still works successfully.

Thinking this “might” be a routing issue we moved the /product-detail/:productid ahead of the /display-event/:eventurl in the Routes panel.

The Event Detail Still works successfully and Product Detail still failed.

When can successfully reach the product-detail page if we manually enter the productid into the browser however there is no product-detail data displayed.

Are we configuring something incorrectly?
Does this method of routing to dynamic data actually work using Node with Wappler?
Where do the Query Params live and are they editable in the Wappler code?(Not my first choice)
Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions that might lead us to a solution?
Is there another routing to dynamic data method we can use?

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Have a look at

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Hi Ben,
Thanks for creating this and all of your excellent videos. Your videos have gotten me this far. I am attempting to create super user friendly URL’s with /words-and-hyphens that is without a question mark (?). I think I am close but will keep you posted. Thanks again for your support! Mark

IN THE LAYOUT PAGE !! I’ve been reading it for three hours but I didn’t notice this detail!!! thank you @sid